Le meilleur hyperviseur pour VDI ?

Billet très intéressant d’un “XEN Guy”, Simon Crosby, sur des tests réalisés avec Xen et Hyper-V pour les infrastructure VDI, avec différents OS client.

Les points à retenir :

  • Hyper-V R2 est le plus performant avec les OS Windows 7 en tant que VM, moins avec Windows XP.
  • Concernant la virtualization de serveurs TS, Hyper-V R2 est en avance sur Xen, lui-même en avance sur vSphere 4


“Well, it turns out that of all hypervisors we have tested, Hyper-V R2 does best for Windows 7 VM density for this benchmark. Congratulations to the Hyper-V team for a fine job on this workload. XenServer 5.5 peaks at about 10% less than Hyper-V, and all other hypervisors perform less well than XenServer. The graph also shows the best performing "other" hypervisor, which underperforms both XenServer 5.5 and Hyper-V R2. We then plugged these numbers into the XenDesktop 4 ROI tool and found that Hyper-V would offer the customer a savings of about $225,000 for a 5,000 seat XenDesktop deployment, over 3 years, compared to the best other competitive hypervisor (XenServer and Hyper-V do not compete: both are free ).

For Windows XP guests Hyper-V R2 doesn’t do such a fabulous job. I’ve spoken to Jeff Woolsey, PM for Hyper-V, who acknowledges this readily because XP has a relatively short remaining lifetime, and because of the focus at Microsoft on Windows Server workloads and Windows 7 as the new client OS. Perhaps as importantly, the current maximum supported number of VMs per core on Hyper-V R2 is 8, whereas for XenServer in this configuration, Citrix supports 16 VMs per core. Here, XenServer beats all other hypervisors in terms of useful desktop VM density. The best of the unnamed hypervisors is second, followed by Hyper-V. Again using the ROI calculator, we see that XenServer offers a savings of about $160,000 over 3 years for a 5,000 seat deployment, compared to the best competitive hypervisor.

Finally, Project VRC has recently published results comparing Hyper-V R2, vSphere 4 and XenServer 5.5 for virtualized Windows Terminal Server workloads. They found that Hyper-V was a whisker ahead of XenServer, and both were substantially ahead of vSphere 4. Again, Kudos to Microsoft. The results clearly stung the VMware folk who rushed out a patch that they claim fixes their TS performance issues, but they have yet to disclose whether this affects their VDI performance, and we have yet to test it.”

La littérature complète est disponible via : http://community.citrix.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=131334785


~ par jpk sur 31 mars 2010.

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