Deploying Hyper-V R2 and NetApp

Article très intéressant publié par NetApp sur l’implémentation d’une solution de Haute Dispo Hyper-V :

Les points à retenir :

  • Easier, reduced maintenance. Live migration lets us make all systems in the environment highly available. Now, instead of waiting to do hardware maintenance at night or on the weekend, live migration lets us do it midday without affecting production.
  • Simplified storage management. Use of cluster shared volumes on the NetApp system has eliminated a lot of the activities we had with R1 (like assignment of GUIDs or the need to keep a VM on its own dedicated LUN). Instead, we can put our virtual servers in a big NetApp storage pool and let things sort themselves out more on their own.
  • Better service levels. With live migration, we can treat all Hyper-V VMs as equal citizens. It’s very rare now that we need to ask our customers for downtime. Live migration lets us just move things to another node, allowing customer systems to keep functioning.
  • Better performance. Using CSVs has allowed us to harness the power of NetApp and its spindles for optimal performance. Other Hyper-V R2 features have also helped boost performance. Our R2 environment now runs between 20% and 30% faster than our R1 environment did (more about performance in the next section).


Virtual Machines

  • 350 virtual machines:
    • 225 VMs running on Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V R2
    • 125 VMs running on Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2
  • Plans to add another 200 to 300 VMs under Hyper-V R2 in the next two months


  • 8 Sun Fire quad-core servers, each averaging 100GB RAM


  • NetApp FAS3170C

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